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Sculptor Reinhard Winter, Vienna, Austria

"The vision: feeling space curves.
The connection of the space curves gives the
The sculptor's passion calls it into
RW, Vienna/Austria

Masterpieces made of stone, metal and wood:

  • Sculptures:

    For your garden, patio, balcony, living space and entrance area.
    Sculptures from natural stone (marble, limestone, sandstone), cast metal (bronze, aluminum, brass, silver) and wood (for indoor areas).

  • Small scale sculptures and lockets:

    Sculptural art cast in bronze, aluminium, brass and silver.
    Statuary and reliefs in precious cast metals. Many objects online available!

  • Commissional Works:

    Award design, fountains, monuments, sculptures, heraldic signs and more.

  • Graphic works:

    Diamond-"drawings" on granite and paintings on wood.

The Art of Sculpting:

  • Sculptor RW at work
  • Sculptor RW at work
  • Sculptor RW at work
  • Sculptor RW at work

Sculptor RW:

1967: Hello!
1988: Higher School Certificate (TGM Vienna, Technical Engineering)
1990: Qualification Stone Engraving; first reliefs and sculptural works, artistic training in Austria, Germany and Italy; freelance work and exhibition activity
1996: Master Craftsman´s examination stone sculptor and wood-carver
1997, 1998: Working self employed. Commissional works - among others for Prof. Ferdinand Welz and Prof. Josef Pillhofer
1999: Master Craftsman´s examination stonemason
2003 - 2020: Member of the Austrian master craftsman´s examining board for sculptors
2006: Foundation of the arteum - center for sculpting in Vienna
since 2007: Member of the artist´s association of Austrian sculptors
since 2014: Organiser of the "ORF - Long Night of the Museums" at the arteum
2015: Opening of the arteum-gallery
2018: Austrian Design award "Natural Stone 2018" (see sculpture "Snake")
2018: Design award "Austrian sepulchral monument prize 2018" (see monuments)
2020: Design award "Austrian sepulchral monument prize 2020" (see monuments)
2020: Opening of the arteum-sculpture garden
2021: Anniversary exhibition "25 Years Art of Sculpting by RW"
2022: Austrian Design award "Natural Stone 2022" (see sculpture "Sofa Ringstraße")
from 2023: Permanent exhibition "The Art of Sculpting by RW"

Permanent exhibition and studios at the arteum:

  • Sculptor Reinhard Winter / Gallery
  • Sculptor Reinhard Winter / Sculpture Garden
  • Sculptor Reinhard Winter / Sculpture Garden
  • Sculptor Reinhard Winter / Sculpture Garden

arteum - center for sculpting:

The center for sculpting. Located on the western edge of town on the area of a former stonemason-enterprise. Founded in 2006 by sculptor Reinhard Winter, the arteum has grown to be a favored meeting place for sculptors, fine artists, and art lovers.
The arteum provides the gallery and sculpture garden and sculpting workshops (beginners and advanced) guided by Reinhard Winter.
Further informations and Workshop registration:

Commissional Works: 4 grams up to 4 tons ...

  • Handgefertigter Anhänger aus Aluminium-Guss
  • Vorbereitung eines Sandsteinblocks für die Bearbeitung
  • Versetzen einer RW-Skulptur
  • Versetzen eines RW-Denkmals

Custom-made products and individual design. Delivery and installation of my objects is, depending on size/weight/material, provided by qualified partner firms (e.g. master builder, stonemason, carpenter, metal worker, ...).
Products and Services: Design and appropriate planning > Consulting regarding choice of material and practicability > Creation of model / layout > Artistic realization in precious materials > Unique items, small batch series, creation of casting models, prototypes.
For requests and arrangements regarding studio visitations please use contact form.

Award design: Awards and trophies for honorings or tournaments. Realization in stone, bronze, aluminium or ceramic. Unique items or small batch series.

Sculptures: Special designs according to your ideas: Sculptures, columns, basins ... For interior and exterior.

Monuments: Monuments, memorial stones, commemorations. For gardens, parks, and public spaces. Realization in stone, cast metal, or a combination of both.

Reliefs and heraldic signs: Manufacture or reconstruction of heraldic signs. Heraldic implementation in stone or cast metal. Engraving or relief.

Fountains: Well stones, stone sculptures, natural stone.

Engravings: Handmade or sandblasted.

Welcome to the World of Sculpting RW!

Exhibition and studio tours at any time by arrangement:
For requests and arrangements regarding studio visitations please use contact form.
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The Art of Sculpting by RW: The Exhibition